Ethiopia Harrar TCPCA Negash

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Ethiopia Harrar TCPCA Negash

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Natural process on raised beds, sun dried.

Guava, jasmine, smooth, full body.

TCPCA (Tiret Coffee Producer's Cooperative Association)

Negash Microlot Coffee Information: Harrar Oromia, Region: Arsi Zone; Golelcha District; Mine Tucha Village; Single Producer -2100-2200 MASL

The Tiret Coop (TCPCA) is situated in the most beautiful little slice of the world. All highland (1800-2300 meters). Incredible, natural topography and coffees that burst ripe in unity. Going on two years ago now, the community leader, Abebayehu, learned what we were doing with DominionTrading, and rode 2 days to meet us and deliver coffee to us. He was so distressed at the way the coffee market works in Ethiopia that he was just about ready to tear out all of his coffee and replace it with teff grain. He longed for a true collaborative partnership, and we just fell in love with his passion and commitment. He is a good man, and he is glowing in his community. The name "Tiret" literally means best effort or hard struggle. One cool thing about the Tiret Coop is that there is a natural spring situated in the midst of the community. This provides ready access to tapping it for good, reliable and clean drinking water supply. Also, it has never ever been done anywhere in Harar, but this spring also provides the opportunity to create the first ever micro washing station in all of Harar. It could truly change the world! That would be a long term project, of course, but the people are willing. We are excited to bring this coffee to you, and to building a lasting relationship with the TCPCA!

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